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Team STRC Aluminum CNC Machined Upper Shock Caps (4 Pcs)

Team STRC Aluminum CNC Machined Upper Shock Caps (4 Pcs)


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Team STRC Aluminum CNC Machined Upper Shock Caps (4 Pcs) for older Traxxas Vehicles

Please note:  This shock cap will work with older Traxxas vehicles that uses a shoulder screw for the upper shock mounting.  Newer vehicle owners will need part number ST8361.  Please check your manual for reference of part numbers for the right shock caps for your Traxxas Vehicle

Increase durability on your Traxxas shocks with these aluminum CNC Machined upper shock caps, works with Slash/Bandit/Rustler/Stampede and Maxx trucks. These upper shock caps are designed to work and thread on easily with the newer ultra version of the Traxxas shocks (grey shock body). One low price gets you all 4 shock caps to take care of your entire truck or buggy

The outside of these caps are machined with grips for easier assembly and prevent slipping due to oil. The bottom of the shocks have been grooved to work especially with our ST3765 and ST3766 shocks to accomodate a leak-preventing sealing O-ring. For the best and smoothest performance, we highly recommand using these shock caps in conjunction with our ST3765 and ST3766 performance shock bodies and lower caps.

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